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Who's behind Holy Cow Science?

Holy Cow Science Kits evolved with two award-winning Chemistry teachers, Marilyn and Cheryl. Together, they have 46 years of teaching experience. Each year they see students, parents and fellow teachers get frustrated with Science Fairs. Parents are overwhelmed. Teachers are bombarded with questions. Students are frustrated trying to pick an appropriate topic and trying experiments that donít work. A Science Fair is supposed to turn kids ON to science, not OFF!

Marilyn Lawson and her students experimenting with Holy Cow Kits!

So, to avoid the confusion and frustration, Marilyn and Cheryl designed Science Fair Kits. The kits have been extensively tested and are arranged by appropriate grade levels. The assigned grade levels on the order form are somewhat flexible. For example, a 5th grade student should choose from any of the first eight experiments listed. A 6th grade student should choose from the first 10 experiments listed.

Marilyn and Cheryl want to make the experience not only successful, but enjoyable... for parents, teachers, and especially students.