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Science Fair Kit Benefits

Benefits for Students

Our goal is to turn kids ON to science and problem solving. Students who perform Holy Cow Science Fair experiments appreciate:

  • Experiments that work
  • Data tables and graphs to complete
  • Included materials
  • Advice from experts
Benefits for Parents

Holy Cow! What's more frustrating than being a parent when science fair projects are assigned? Our science fair kits:

  • Provide a grade appropriate, exciting topic
  • Include material not normally found in the home
  • Allow the student to conduct the experiment with parent supervision
Benefits for Teachers

Teachers appreciate Holy Cow Science Fair Kits because:

  • The kits provide clear directions and materials
  • The kits have interesting topics which spark the interest of the students
  • An individual kit can be used with an entire class to model expectations
  • Less frustration occurs at Science Fair time.
Benefits for Home Schools

Don't miss out on great science experiments because you don't have science equipment or a laboratory available! Our Science Fair Kits allow students attending home school to:

  • experience hands-on science investigations at home school
  • discover text book concepts through experimentation
  • be prepared to enter an area Science Fair Competition
  • enjoy experimenting as a family project.