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Holy Cow Science Fair Kits:

Kit # Science Grade Level Science Kit Name and Topic Qty Price
12 and upA Giant Leap for Science: If you like physical activity, this jumping project is for you!$21.95
23 and upYour Nose Knows:: You will be investigating air pollution! See for yourself what you breathe!$21.95
33 and upKool-Aidtm Chromatography: How can the food coloring additives in Kool-Aidstm be separated? Learn how in this colorful project!$21.95
43 and upBubble Your Troubles Away!: Stir things up while investigating why some tablets give off bubbles!$21.95
54 and upThe Parachute Plunge: Discover the importance of parachute size and air particles! Take the plunge!$21.95
64 and upWhat A Gas: How does temperature affect the soda you drink? Find out!$21.95
74 and upThat's The Way The Ball Bounces: The pressure is on to investigate the bounce in tennis balls!$21.95
85 and upThe Beat Goes On: If you love animals, you'll love this project finding heart rates.$21.95
95 and upIs It Just A Physical Attraction?: Experiment with the properties of electromagnets!$21.95
105 and upGet A Grip: Are gloves REALLY warm? In this experiment, you will discover how gloves work!$21.95
116 and upPhantastic Phoods: A colorful chemistry experiment using household products and foods to find pH.$21.95
126 and upThe Water is Rising: Investigate the amazing density of water using colorful solutions.$21.95
136 and upSpread The News: Discover the truth about light margarines! Are the labels correct?$21.95
146 and upOh Say Can You See…The Vitamin C?: Investigate the quantity of vitamin C in a variety of fruit juices!$21.95
157 to 12Shampoo Sud-spence: How effective is your shampoo? Test the properties and discover the facts!$21.95
167 to 12Swinging For Science: Discover science on the playground in this physics experiment!$21.95
177 to 12I See The Light: You will uncover the elemental sources of light in this bright experiment!$21.95
187 to 12H2... Oh What A Difference: See amazing results when you perform water tests for clarity like the pros in this environmental project.$21.95
197 to 12Get Your Motor Running: How does temperature affect motor oil? Don't idle! Find out!$21.95
207 to 12A Breathtaking Investigation!: How does a person’s height affect their lung capacity?$21.95

Science In A Bag Activities: Science Experiments and Discovery Toys

Bag # Bag Name Qty Price
1UB The UV Detective!: Materials are included to make TWO sun bead bracelets. These bead bracelets change color when exposed to UV light (sunlight). You will use this property to test the effectiveness of various sunscreens and sunglass lenses! Appropriate for grades 1-12$8.95
2Now You See It. . . Now You Don't!: How does disappearing ink work? Find out in this amazing experiment! This reaction is nontoxic. You will use your breath and soda pop to investigate! Appropriate for grades 1-12$8.95
3Cool And Crazy Crystals!: Grow crystals overnight and learn to identify them by their unique shapes! Appropriate for grades 1-12$9.95
4Hark! Use ARCH-imedes Principle!: You will learn how to determine density of objects WITHOUT a balance!! Yes, you will measure mass and volume to determine the surprising density of common objects! Appropriate for grades 6-12$6.95
5Reading With Feeling…Science Meets Braille!: Learn to write and read words using the Braille alphabet! Investigate the science of your senses!$6.95
6Bursting With Color: Investigate radial chromatography and ink mixtures! $6.95
7The GOLDEN-rod RULE!: Use special golden rod paper to investigate the amazing color changing properties using household substances! Appropriate for grades 1-12$5.95
8Wacky Water Tricks!: Learn the Amazing properties of water! Bend water and investigate surface tension! Appropriate for grades 1-12$4.95
9Rainbow Glitter Slime In A Test-tube!: This is fascinating stuff! The slime is. . . well, SLIMY! Young and old alike are intrigued by this slime that keeps its rainbow colors separate. Slime fits back in test tube for safe storage!$3.00
10Squirming Fish!: These “magic” squirming fish really are not magic…they are science of course! The fish are made of thin cellophane and they react to the moisture in your hand! The more moisture…the more squirming! Those with dry hands are…well, not very exciting! You get 10 fish in a package. Young and old alike are fascinated with these critters! A teacher guide is included.$4.95
11Bag of Geodes: You will receive 4 geodes to break open. Each geode is approximately 1˝ inches in diameter. You will need safety glasses and parent supervision for breaking the geodes. Place the geode in a sock or plastic bag and break open with a hammer. Inside the geode you will find crystals and a hollow center $6.95

Teacher Kits (Classroom kits for teachers only)

Kit # Kit Name Qty Price
1Breaking Up Is Hard To Do. . . Or Is It?: Students will explore the importance of dissolving rates in this fun experiment. This is a great experiment for learning how to collect data and graph results. The end of the experiment produces sweet results! Appropriate for grades 3-9$39.95
2Bodacious Black!: Investigate the amazing colors that make up black ink in this chromatography experiment. Students will separate the colors in black ink pens and measure to determine which dyes are the same. Appropriate for grades 3-9$39.95
3Take A Deep Breath. . . : Students will measure lung capacity in this life science experiment! Does height play a role in lung capacity? Find out! This experiment is great for driving home the risks of unhealthy lifestyles. Appropriate for grades 6-12$39.95
4To Suffer Or To Buffer. . . That Is The Question!: When you have a headache, you want FAST relief! Students will investigate the time required for pain relievers to work. Discover what "buffered" means and how it effects the time to work! Appropriate for grades 6-12$39.95
5Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Pennies Are Copper. . . But Is It True?: Students will use Archimedes principle to measure mass and volume of two sets of pennies. The results are amazing! This is a great experiment to demonstrate the importance of graphing data! No balances are needed! Appropriate for grades 9-12$39.95
6What A Relief!: Determine the effectiveness of commercial antacids! Are they all the same? Students will find out by performing a small-scale titration. Antacid samples are included. Teacher provides 1M HCl and 1M NaOH. Appropriate for grades 9-12$39.95

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