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Teacher Edition Kits

Holy Cow Science is proud to offer special Teacher Edition Kits!

Of course, these kits are for teachers only!
Improve Student Science Fair Projects AND Reduce Your Frustration!
Holy Cow!! Is It Possible?

Email us at holycowscience@att.net for a free teacher catalog to be mailed to you.

  • Do your students know the difference between an experiment and a demonstration?
  • Do your students have trouble collecting data, graphing, and drawing conclusions for a science fair experiment?

Lead your students to a successful science fair experience by having your students perform a Holy Cow Science Fair Kit experiment in class. The whole class will perform the experiment, collect data, graph, draw conclusions, and create a class display. The scientific method and science fair expectations are clear after modeling these experiments! Yes, these kits reduce teacher frustration!

Breaking up is hard to do... or is it?

Each Teacher Edition Kit includes:

  • an appropriate topic for data collection
  • clearly written instructions
  • a reproducible student experiment with conclusion questions
  • a teacher copy with answer key and sample data
  • materials for 10 lab groups
  • teacher tips for science fair success
  • teacher tips for displays
These kits are udderly fabulous!!

The following Teacher Edition Kits are available:

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