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Customer Testimonials

"The student had an awesome display and was very knowledgeable of his experiment. He seemed to have enjoyed working with the different animals. I was very impressed with his work."

Science Fair Judge

"I just wanted to let you know that my daughter got grand champion for 5th grade (the highest award possible because they don't do an overall winner at her school) with her science fair project entitled "Dense? Makes Sense!". This was probably the most fun science fair project that we have ever done (and we have been doing them since kindergarten!). Your kit really took the pressure off so we could actually enjoy what we were doing this year. (Marissa really learned a lot too!!)"

Parent in Indiana

My Mom and I did the Shampoo Sud-spence experiment and entered a Mother/daughter science competition. We won 1st place! Thanks so much for doing what you do!

Texas Student

My son loves tennis and he chose the "That's The Way The Ball Bounces" experiment. He placed in his grade level and was thrilled with his work!

California Mom

My son performed the Get Your Motor Running experiment and placed 2nd in the high school physics category! He completed the experiment on his own and was so excited with his results!

Florida Parent

"Another Year.... Another science fair project for my son. As a teacher myself I just didn't have the time to help him decide on a question, gather the materials, and guide him through the experiment. Using the kit HE could actually do the experiment."

A Teacher in Ingleside, Texas

"I am a student in 7th grade at a private school. I performed the Shampoo experiment for my Science Fair Project. Thank you for the topic idea and the instructions that were easy for me to follow! I did not need help from my parents! I won 1st place at my school competition and 3rd place at the area competition. The experiment was fun and I'm proud of my project!"

7th grader in Tennessee

"We are so thrilled with the arrival of our science fair kit. What a nice presentation and we are going to have great fun, especially if we can catch a chicken..........we ordered "The Beat Goes On". The way you shipped it was great, and Caleb was so thrilled to see the "personalization" on his letter and you speaking of our dogs (4) and pet ratties (16). Actually we are down to (6) ratties.....we found good homes for (10) of the cute little guys.

We purchased (2) kits for projects. Our science fair was last evening. Moriah, our 4th grader took 3rd place! She did the the chromatography experiment and the judges loved it. Caleb, our 5th grader, was in competition with 45 other students and was tough competition. Although he did not "place", he was given an "A" in science for his presentation, report, abstract, subject matter etc. AND we had a BLAST.........Thats the most important part. He was disappointed at first, but realized that not all who participate win in the sense of a ribbon, and the learning is equally important. He then began to encourage his sister, who was SHOCKED that she placed and was a gracious winner.....KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Thank you again and I will be using you again next year for sure."

Mom in New Mexico

My daughter is in 4th grade. She chose the "Your Nose Knows" project to complete. She chose this topic because we live in an industrial area and our whole family suffers from allergies. The competition at her school was great, since many parents in our community are in the science profession. My daughter won 1st place! She was very proud of her project!

Mom in Texas